SASE: A must for Network Security

A modern corporate network security infrastructure consists of more than just firewalls, anti-virus software, and patch updates; it also includes a variety of tools and technologies with clearly defined rules and policies. This improves business efficiency and decision-making, but the key issue is that these tools, despite being in the same environment, need dedicated attention to perform well. This adds heavy cost for organizations, and with increased demand for fast, undisrupted digital collaboration, it becomes crucial to develop an integrated, portable service model that can create a balance between cost and resource allocation.


SD-WAN: (Software Defined, Wide Area Networking)

CASB: Cloud Access Security broker

NGFW: Next-Gen Firewalls

FWaaS: Firewall as a service

ZTNA: Zero Trust Network Access

SWG: Secure Web Gateways

Meet SASE (Secure Access Service Edge)

SASE is a security module that integrates SD-WAN and other network security tools such as (CASB, NGFW, FWaaS, ZTNA, and SWG) into a single cloud-delivered service model. With the SASE service model in place, IT teams eliminate traditional cost, multi-management, and synchronization of corporate assets into a single security management exercise. In a simple sense, imagine SASE being a vehicle that delivers all essential monthly groceries right to your doorstep, eliminating the daily hassle.  

 Why SASE?

With the SASE security module, organizations can replace their traditional method of immunizing individuals’ endpoints with automated, integrated security maintenance.

Let’s take a look at key benefits that make SASE a complete security package.
  • Flexibility
The biggest advantage of any cloud infrastructure is its flexibility to handle anything & anywhere, and SASE is no exception. Its cloud-based infrastructure helps organizations eliminate security hazards like credential theft, data loss, and phishing through its integrated sandboxing, web filtering, DNS, and next-gen firewall security tools.
  • Cost and resource optimisation.
The migration from on-premise security infrastructure to cloud and multi-cloud paved the way for available extra cost and productive resources like hardware maintenance costs and manual operations management which was a distant dream for any organization. SASE single platform aids organizations frame new or optimising existing strategies to deploy one-time fast security monitoring and audit.
  • Zero complexity.
SASE as an integrated security tool cuts down the complexity of monitoring, managing, and updating multiple security tools into a single exercise, resulting in simplified business operations and security management.
  • Secured connection and performance.
SASE, as a cloud service module, ensures that any hybrid or remote connection to corporate resources does not jeopardize performance or define security policies and rules. This helps the workforce easily connect with the corporate network without worrying about risky connections or unsecured digital footprint tracing.
  • Zero Trust Access
The growing concern of internal cyber-attacks, whether intentional or unintentional, poses a serious security threat to businesses and their workflow. Integrating a zero-trust approach into SASE helps IT teams set systems to automatically eliminate any trust assumption. This enhances complete protection of the network and endpoints even if a user’s device is logged in from outside the business network.
  • Threat mitigation and Data protection
At the same time, SASE solutions are designed for fast full content inspection and simple implementation of data policies, which help in enabling better security and visibility while at the same time preventing unauthorized access and abuse of corporate security information.  

Being an integrated software model consisting of network and security capabilities SASE becomes a valuable digital asset for any cloud operations. The only thing organizations should care about is the human expertise necessary for the smooth and effective deployment of SASE.  We at DigitalNext made this possible for our clients because of our advanced, modern and vigilant security experts.  
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