Cybersecurity Assessment

Cybercrime has been rising and billions of dollars are at stake. Steps to ensure protection are key to stay compliant with cybersecurity best practices and mitigate cybersecurity risks. Responding quickly and effectively to security incidents is a high priority. However, most attacks are not sophisticated and are preventable. Network security is the first line of defense and securing networked devices goes a long way. Another priority is endpoint security.

DigitalNext will help you identify weaknesses in your security controls and assess the effectiveness of current measures. We will lower the risk of a cyber-attack and protect your systems and data from being compromised.

Determine scope of assessment

Catalog all assets that need to be assessed in order to determine the scope of cybersecurity assessment. The scope could be broken down by type of asset to plan the engagement better. For each asset type, the next step would be to identify all networks, devices, and information that touch the asset type.

DigitalNext will help you obtain a comprehensive view of your digital footprint from a risk and impact standpoint.

Identify the right security controls

Understanding the value of each asset to be protected would be the next step. The real value may exceed its cost based on intangible factors and qualitative risks associated with each asset. Comparing asset value with the cost of protecting it would help identify the right cybersecurity controls and preventive methods that are most appropriate.

DigitalNext will help you identify the right security mechanisms based on an analysis of loss scenarios.

Analyze risks and loss scenarios

By listing all cybersecurity risks, the probability of loss scenarios could be estimated. A full analysis would include scenarios where the asset could be compromised, the likelihood of exploitation, and the impact of the compromise on your organization. For meeting any cybersecurity compliance requirements required for the industry, such an analysis would be invaluable.

DigitalNext will help you prioritize risks for remediating security weaknesses.

Continuously monitor security controls

After identifying and analyzing critical assets and vulnerabilities in your network, the next step is to put in place security measures that continuously monitor cybersecurity posture. This will ensure that controls that have been put in place are addressing organizational requirements and protecting key information assets on an ongoing basis.

DigitalNext will enable you to institute the right processes to keep a handle on your cybersecurity vulnerabilities as an ongoing program.

DigitalNext Services

The DigitalNext security assessment leverages AI enabled tools and experts to deliver a comprehensive examination and assessment of your enterprise’s cybersecurity system and posture to identify any vulnerabilities in the network and IT infrastructure, verify current security controls, ensure regulatory compliance, and more.

Ensuring Secure DaaS and SaaS

We will raise business agility by lowering IT operations costs and protecting your end-to-end IT infrastructure through a zero trust model that ensures anytime, anywhere secure access. Access control management will validate user identity and device identity, and enable secure access across each device. Profile based access control will define who needs to access what resource.

Security Architecture Review

We will conduct non-disruptive studies that uncover systemic security issues in your environment. They are ideally suited for organizations wanting to maximize return on any security technology investment by evaluating needs and validating security of existing deployments. There are three steps: review, develop recommendations, and deliver our report with findings.

Vulnerability Assessment and Pen Testing

We will regularly assess vulnerabilities across your network systems, applications, and other assets that could potentially be exploited for cyberattacks. We will also conduct more intrusive penetration tests that will ensure real-time protection from cyberattacks. This will be followed by recommendations to mitigate discovered vulnerabilities and meet regulatory compliance.

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