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Our people make the difference

As a people-focused company that is making a difference for our clients every day, DigitalNext is a consulting and technology services leader that is driven by excelling employees. We are a digital transformation services provider that enables our customers to win through innovative business solutions.
Our culture encourages our employees to excel and execute with passion for our customers. Our mission is to be a digital technology leader where our employees excel, innovate and ensure that our customers succeed.

Our locations

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Our partnerships

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Digital Next leverages our several partnerships with industry leaders to augment our service offerings with best of breed technologies. The objective is to incorporate partner products and technologies into our service and solution offerings as needed. Our technical team is fully trained on partner offerings.

Salesforce.com is the world’s No. 1 CRM solution that brings companies and customers together. It’s one integrated CRM platform that gives all your departments — including marketing, sales, commerce, and service — a single, shared view of every customer.

Microsoft is the largest vendor of computer software in the world. It is also a leading provider of cloud computing services, video games, computer and gaming hardware, search and other online services.

Kognitos is the leader in natural language process automation. Founded in 2020, the company aims to build a future where all business applications will be written in English; where machines understand human language natively; and where interacting with a computer is as easy as communicating with a human.

Oracle is a cloud technology company that provides organizations around the world with computing infrastructure and software to help them innovate, unlock efficiencies and become more effective. We also created the world’s first – and only – autonomous database to help organize and secure our customers’ data.

As IT turned into a key enabler of business agility and competitive advantage, the business value of IT became significant; and the discussion has moved away from cost arbitrage. We work with our partners in increasing the total value of of the solutions we provide, with complementary service offerings, products and skills.

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