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In today’s digitalized and connected environment, IT assets including applications, data, and networks are at constant risk from cybersecurity threats. As the number of globally connected systems grows by leaps and bounds and the Internet of Things expands to bring more and more devices under its purview, attack surfaces are expanding daily. The perimeter has long left the boundaries of the organization. With increased remote and hybrid workplaces, protecting endpoints has become a big challenge. Attacks have grown in volume and level of sophistication.

DigitalNext cybersecurity consulting services are helping enterprises stay secure by reinforcing their cybersecurity teams, help them to detect and respond to threats, and stay focused on security priorities to accelerate digital transformation.

Protect the virtual enterprise

With employees working from home and work-from-home having gone mainstream, end points have moved well past the corporate firewall. Managing and protecting remote end points has become a significant challenge for IT teams. For example, pushing security updates to client devices is made much more difficult when they are outside the corporate network and spread across a diverse spread of locations.

DigitalNext will help you secure your remote workforce by protecting devices, data, and apps from cybersecurity threats when working remotely.

Secure your BYOD policy

Increased use of personal devices by employees has dramatically reduced the visibility of IT teams into endpoints. Another problem is the greater use of public, unprotected wi-fi networks, which has increased the risk to data in transit. These end points and the data on them being much much more vulnerable to compromise, protecting the network has become a race against unknown, morphing threats.

DigitalNext will help you implement a secure BYOD policy through multifactor authentication, risk based authentication, and tracking services and data being accessed by BYOD users.

Defend against cyber attacks through automation

The number and sophistication of cyber threats has sky rocketed. Social engineering relies on causing human errors to foil corporate defenses. Third party networks with privileged access provide a backdoor entry channel to attackers. The number of exploitable configuration errors has ballooned. Weak cyber hygiene and use of unprotected devices and networks has made the task of attackers easier. Cloud vulnerabilities have grown. Ransomware tools have opened the door to small time cybercriminals.

By incorporating automation into cybersecurity efforts, DigitalNext will help lower the volume of threats and make possible faster prevention of new and previously unknown threats.

Stay ahead of sophisticated attacks

Complex, multi-stage attacks (including nation state attacks) are on the rise that combine phishing and other social engineering techniques, unsolicited cryptomining, and information-stealing malware besides ransomware. Even more sophisticated cyberattacks involve machine learning and artificial intelligence and more that have placed data and assets in a state of constant, heightened risk. Attacks are morphing to avoid detection, across sending domains, email addresses, content templates and URL domains.

DigitalNext will help you stay protected against sophisticated attacks through a unified cyber security architecture that covers all platforms – including networks, endpoints, cloud and mobile devices.

DigitalNext Services

DigitalNext Cybersecurity Consulting Services will help you detect and mitigate threats across the enterprise and help your team move forward on your cybersecurity assurance journey. DigitalNext will achieve comprehensive cyber security resilience through Security As A Service that covers your network, applications, cloud, data, SOC, web application, and endpoint layers.

Security Operations Center (SOC)

As a hub of people, processes and technology working toward improving your security posture, our security operations center will be front and center. From threat detection to analysis to response, all cybersecurity actions will originate and end at the SOC.

Endpoint Security Detection Response

We will design, implement and modernize your endpoint protection strategies and implement dedicated endpoint solutions including the correct setup, configuration and training of the solution through a customer-centric, consultative approach.

Cloud Cybersecurity Solutions

We will assess vulnerabilities, select and optimize the right tools, and help you ensure that security controls are applied across your cloud environments. This will include cloud security architecture and managing deployment and optimizing configuration of cloud tooling

Network Security Solutions

Our network security solutions will deliver visibility, actionable intelligence, and adaptive response against potential threats. This will include threat monitoring, threat blocking, SOC services, security and risk analytics, and monitoring and management,

Data Loss Prevention (DLP)

Through a scalable, efficient DLP program, we will help reduce risk across the enterprise. We will institute policies to protect data in use, in motion, and at rest. Our DLP solutions will monitor and enforce policies across the corporate network, at endpoints, and in the cloud.

Web Application Security Services

We will help you improve your application security program through manual and automated testing solutions that integrate application security across the software development life cycle. This includes websites as well as cloud-based application platforms.

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