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AI consulting services have been instrumental in maximizing value from the cloud and data. The cloud provided access to “unlimited” computing power on tap. This led to rapid access to huge volumes of data. AI has proven instrumental in deriving insight from cloud based data with systems that learn from data to reinvent workflows and improve outcomes. The idea is to make smarter, faster decisions and drive transformation and growth.

DigitalNext AI consulting services are helping enterprises operationalize and scale AI to realize full business benefits from the technology and accelerate digital transformation.

Step up control through intelligent infrastructure

Physical objects have been acquiring digital intelligence With the IoT, intelligence has become the connectivity layer that bridges the physical and digital worlds. AI and the IoT have come together to provide valuable leverage by automating processes and enabling digitally powered machines that increase our insight and power over the physical world.

Through automation, work activities are changing, employee productivity is getting a boost, and performance is rising.

Unleash the power of AI assisted services

AI assisted services are entering the stage and changing how we work and interact with personal devices. Text-based chatbots are being replaced by voice-activated chatbots that leverage AI to engage with customers in more personalized and context sensitive manners.

Human actors have been freed from routine conversations with customers with chatbots becoming the front end of the enterprise with “near human” capabilities.

Continuously improve with AI algorithms

At the center of smart apps is an understanding and implementation of next gen AI algorithms that create, improve and deliver outputs for predictable outcomes. Articulating AI capabilities to continually improve business models is a key step. Second, machine learning and deep learning are at the center of these smart apps.

By correlating behavior with data, smart apps are delivering user experiences that are underpinned by intimacy and insight about the user.

Weave in automation to speed up processes

AI and RPA work together to provide more accurate and efficient automation that is powered by human intelligence in machines along with structured data and logic. Enter Intelligent automation (IA) to simplify processes and set goals front and center.

AI helps glean insights from semi-structured and unstructured data in text, scanned documents, webpages, and PDFs. By converting the data to a structured form for RPA to understand, AI delivers value.

DigitalNext Services

DigitalNext AI Consulting Services will provide access to skilled AI consulting professionals who will leverage their experience and expertise to harness AI technologies and unlock data in the cloud to drive transformation in the enterprise.

Use Case Definition

Analyzing and defining the AI use case for alignment with broader industry and business needs and impact across organization.

Data Preparation

Auditing and verifying data with associated workflows and digital infrastructure. Includes data cleaning, integrity, and data maintenance.

Model Development

Optimizing ML models for enterprise AI: data labeling, clustering, model testing and fine-tuning, and deployment and integration.

AI Infrastructure Setup

Setting up resilient cloud-based infrastructures for deploying and running AI systems for model training, pipeline mgt.

AI Software Development

Building, customizing, redesigning AI systems. Includes model integration, UI/UX, usability testing.

AI User Support

Post-deployment user training to reduce adoption barriers and maximize buy-in, along with continuous technical support.

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