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With the increased adoption of DevOps, automated testing has become critical for quality engineering to keep up with the accelerated pace of software releases. In the past, automated testing was about manual test case design, framework setup, record/replay, and scripting, all of which were not aligned with today’s CI/CD pipelines. AI provides the answer by taking a new look at test creation, execution, and maintenance. AI reduces test maintenance to a minimum and helps create more reliable tests. Smart algorithms take on the most repetitive problems in test automation. No longer the bottleneck, test automation has become the catalyst within a CI/CD pipeline with release frequency determined by the speed of coding.

DigitalNext is bringing the power of AI to our clients, taking Quality Engineering in general and test automation in particular to the next level.

Apply a shift left approach across the software lifecycle

Transforming quality engineering with a continuous ‘shift left’ strategy is at its core an automation-first approach that leverages AI/ML expertise and best-in-class tools for a robust testing mindset across every stage in the software lifecycle. Comprehensive testing enters right at the design phase and continues post-deployment.

DigitalNext will help you leverage AI/ML to take on the huge volume of test cases that need to be written, maintained, and executed several times daily, weekly, monthly, while drawing insight from test results for developers to respond and react with speed.

Ensure a Secure SDLC

Security best practices and tools are being adopted throughout the software development lifecycle. This avoids the need to address security vulnerabilities during postproduction, which dramatically pushes up costs compared to addressing them early on in the lifecycle. Risks from use of open source and Docker libraries need to be fixed early during the DevOps pipeline. Stress testing for unknown situations prevents additional surprises post production.

DigitalNext will help you leverage security across the lifecycle right from early stages and enforce security during integration testing.

Step up usability testing

Accessible Design require all applications to be accessible to people with disabilities, putting accessibility and usability at the core of software development processes.

DigitalNext will help raise accessibility and usability — coupled right from the design phase of the software engineering lifecycle to mitigate potential accessibility and usability issues later in the development process.

AI driven automation

Artificial Intelligence and automation take care of repetitive tasks in both software production and delivery. Ensuring a seamless quality-driven service delivery requires the use of AI and Automation, to achieve a holistic digital transformation.

Digital Next will help you integrate continuous testing with the DevOps pipeline for zero touch deployments.

DigitalNext Services

AI is at the core of the DigitalNext Quality Engineering Lifecycle. While we make extensive use of test automation, we apply AI to remove the limitations of test automation tools. By minimizing the direct involvement of the tester in basic tasks and making decisions based on data and metrics, AI enables us to transform the testing life cycle.

The goal is to test software faster and more efficiently to create high quality software at digital speed. Our Quality Engineering services include:

Strategic Software Test Consulting

We will develop a comprehensive software testing and QA roadmap including people, process, and tool/technology consultations, QA to QE roadmaps, QA transformations, and centralized governance models.

Test Transformation Services

Through detailed software test assessments, we will deliver recommendations and strategies to raise your QA maturity level while ensuring higher product quality, lower costs, and faster time-to-market.

Test Automation Services

We will help institute the use of software test frameworks, tools, and best practices to power test automation across continuous testing and DevOps for mobile, web, desktop, ERP/CRM, and mainframe applications.

Functional Testing Services

By unifying proven and mature testing methodologies with industry specific testing processes, we will help boost software quality across agile, waterfall, and product development streams.

Specialized Testing Services

New technologies like blockchain, AI, IoT, and big data are powering exciting applications. DigitalNext will take these technologies in stride as we help you step up software quality and software driven processes across your enterprise

Performance Testing Services

We will ensure software reliability, scalability, and performance through load testing, stress testing, and performance testing based on a shift left approach

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