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Cloud adoption has accelerated in the post pandemic years. Multi-cloud has become the standard. Public cloud usage has continued to grow on an upward graph. As a result, cloud spend has been rising, a significant part of which is likely wasteful today. Optimizing cloud spend has therefore become a priority.

DigitalNext will help you transition from onsite data centers and lower technical debt by moving to the cloud. Cloud first policies and cloud migration continue to be top of mind for corporations. Having the right cloud strategy is therefore crucial and Digital Next will help formulate your strategy and its execution.

Analyze cloud readiness 

Through a structured cloud readiness assessment process, DigitalNext will determine organizational readiness for the cloud. The goal is to analyze application and data infrastructure followed by a roadmap for cloud migration.

Reviewing workloads and use cases precedes determination of the right migration path to the public/private/hybrid cloud. Requirements are matched to the right cloud applications and cloud service providers. For setting security posture in the cloud, inventory of data is taken followed by mapping degree of security to data categories.

Validate cloud platform

DigitalNext will employ an automated cloud validation framework to speed up validation and deployment and improve security.

Unit testing of individual resources ensures that configurations are correct and compliant. Functionality testing is followed by risk mitigation and protection against potential threats. Change controls tools enable continuous compliance as the system continues to change and evolve. With the right cloud validation system, the cloud platform can be improved and updated without creating vulnerabilities or running into compliance issues.

Deploy at scale

DigitalNext will deploy your cloud applications through software as a service (SaaS), platform as a service (PaaS) or infrastructure as a service (IaaS) platforms.

Architecting, planning, implementing, and operating cloud workloads is the goal based on fast, cost-effective deployments, rapid migrations, effective monitoring methodologies, and efficient system integrations. Both dynamic and seasonal workloads are taken on while staying clear of cloud lock in and application and platform vulnerabilities.

DigitalNext Services

Digital Next Cloud Services will provide access to cloud technology professionals who will leverage their experience and expertise to harness cloud technologies for driving transformation in the enterprise. Our cloud services include:

Cloud Assessment

Analyze cloud infrastructure and app dependencies, estimate project costs, and identify optimization opportunities.

Cloud Planning

Design future-proof, secure, and compliant cloud architecture, choose optimal tech stack, and develop cloud adoption plan.

Cloud Development

Manage cloud deployment, implement cloud infrastructure, institute best practices automate the development process.

Cloud Optimization

Optimize resource consumption, raise compliance, lower operating costs through infra consulting and platform optimization.

Cloud Security

Assess security threats, audit cloud assets, streamline security operations, update cloud platforms, deploy cloud native services.

Cloud Support

Optimize cloud resource usage, perform compliance checks, and train teams for swift and secure cloud workflows.

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