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AI has been transforming every industry in a big way. Today, organizations need help to re-imagine their business under the AI lens and to create a new foundation for augmented capacity. And though we are still far from creating the do-it-all AI of sci-fi literature and movies, the potential of narrow AI models for solving specific business problems is endless and exciting. Machine Learning (ML) is a subset of AI, where the systems can spot patterns and link them by analyzing chunks of data made available to the ML system. Such systems do not require explicit programming, but they use Big Data and sophisticated algorithms to learn how to perform the task by itself. Incorporation of ML in business applications enables faster decision making, increased productivity, business process automation, and faster anomaly detection.

DigitalNext will help you leverage this exciting technology to solve your business problems and reimage your business processes.

Build the AI roadmap

DigitalNext will help you build your AI business roadmap by assessing your most impactful business use cases, data readiness, and AI model requirements.

We will help you move quickly to a responsive AI and Machine Learning-based enterprise capability. This is done through stakeholder mappings, business/data/process gap analysis, risk mitigation matrices, and infrastructure-readiness assessments culminating in an enterprise AI capability roadmap.

Validate your AI solution

DigitalNext will work with you in establishing the validity of the AI solution after analyzing the several AI models and algorithms for “best fit” capabilities to the problem at hand.

This will be followed by selecting the right models, algorithms, and frameworks. This includes ideating use cases, and creating the AI solution. Solution development may include integration with current IT infrastructure and current IT solutions.

Continuously improve with AI algorithms

DigitalNext will help you identify high ROI use cases, build implementation roadmaps, prepare data, prove algorithm efficacy, and build enterprise scale AI platforms on fault-tolerant and lightweight infrastructures.

The path includes solving data quality challenges, ramping up resources, establishing strong infrastructure and upfront planning, and scaling your AI solution across the enterprise, which in turn paves the way for more projects in the future.

DigitalNext Services

DigitalNext will provide access to skilled AI technology professionals who will leverage their experience and expertise to harness AI technologies and unlock data in the cloud to drive transformation in the enterprise. Our AI technology services include:

Data Quality

Aggregation and acquisition of data points. Data preparation and readiness for AI and machine learning.

Data Mining

Extracting insight from raw data. Identification of data patterns and advanced correlations for making business improvements.

Data Prediction

Calculation of metrics through advanced tools and AI models. Extrapolation of data to uncover hidden threads and patterns.

Bots Creation

Development of custom, cutting edge bots for customer interactions, process improvement, and process automations.

Computer Vision

Development of facial recognition tools for customer and security applications. Analysis of video streams to uncover insight.

Advanced Analytics

Analysis of data based on advanced AI algorithms and statistical models. Regression analysis and data modeling.

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