IT Infrastructure Managed Services

There was a time when rigid and inflexible IT infrastructure was the status quo. Not any longer. Today the mantra has become agility delivered through programmable infrastructure, thereby meeting the business imperative for speed and innovation. IT infrastructure has become the bedrock and an engine of digital transformation today, providing the global platform for innovation through enterprise applications running in the cloud that deliver next gen experiences to customers. Today’s IT infrastructure is software driven and intelligent, agile and adaptable.

DigitalNext is bringing the power of agile, next gen IT infrastructure in the cloud to our clients, to step up the pace of transformation and deliver compelling experiences.

Pivot enterprise applications to reliability and performance

Enterprise applications have moved to the cloud and this has been a meteoric shift. Enterprises have several options today: run applications internally, rely on the cloud footprint of the large application providers (SAP, Oracle ..), or move to large cloud platforms themselves.

DigitalNext will help you implement and support a robust application support strategy with an emphasis on up-time, reliability, responsiveness, and change management.

Align the network with application workloads

Software defined networking has gained impetus with the tremendous growth in multimedia content and mobile usage. SDN has opened up previously closed network platforms and has provided a unified interface to manage the entire network and devices.

DigitalNext will enable you to keep pace with SDN growth by closely aligning your network with new application workloads that are driving significant business outcomes.

Finetune your enterprise cloud strategy

Large providers like Amazon, Google, and Microsoft are providing the hyperscale cloud infrastructure (compute and storage) that is enabling enterprises to scale their own cloud footprint, store and process huge volumes of data, and scale up data collection and analysis.

DigitalNext will empower a multi-cloud strategy that abstracts applications across clouds to stay clear of vendor lock in. Through a management layer, “single pane of glass”, we will provides the interface to control growing cloud workloads.

Move innovation to the fast track

With the cloud providing the pathway to always available IT infrastructure at scale, enterprises are free to step up the pace of innovation through technologies like AI, IoT, RPA, and AR. Driving real outcomes through increased innovation has become much easier.

DigitalNext will enable you to leverage the cloud as an innovation accelerator. By establishing a repeatable management process, we will help you extract value from cloud based innovation.

DigitalNext Services

DigitalNext IT Infrastructure Managed Services have been fine tuned and optimized to meet the evolving needs of enterprises in this digital age and help you adapt and thrive by providing a single point of accountability with smooth start-up and steady state operations. Our IT Infrastructure managed services include:

Managed Infrastructure Services

We will manage your IT environments and enable you to pivot to value-based initiatives by lifting the burden from internal teams. We will create agile, cost-efficient IT environments by standardizing, virtualizing, integrating, and automating IT systems.

Managed Security Services

Our proactive management services will lower your security risk through continuous engineering and finetuning. This will strengthen your network, raise compliance, and accelerate threat response while simplifying network management and security toolsets. .

Managed Application Services

Our solution management strategies and services will ensure continuous improvement while resolving issues. From daily operations and monitoring, to maintenance, administration and support, we will traverse your data and application footprint.

Service Desk Management

By setting up an IT service desk, we will help you ensure a stable and resilient IT infrastructure. Through event, incident, and request management in line with ITIL practices and flexible multi-tier customer support, we will deliver service availability and performance monitoring.

Managed Network Services

Our scalable and high-quality network management services will cover network design, monitoring, operations management, and modernization. By implementing and supporting best-in-class network components, we will maximize infrastructure efficiency.

Cloud Strategy and Services

By implementing and managing your cloud environments, we will streamline operations through analytics and automation that will deliver governance, visibility, lifecycle management, and insights. Our hybrid cloud strategy will include cost and efficiency optimization.

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